I have written a comedy novel called “Of Hearts and Livers” (because all great works of literature start with prepositions).  It is a tender love story of a shy and awkward young man smitten with a beautiful young blonde who has an inexplicable love for Zamfir.  (This is a link to his version of “The Rose”.) He fakes an interest in the music and everything else she likes, and turns his life upside down for her.  Things become even more complicated when another girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to a rainbow trout enters his life.  Oh, there is also a drug-dealing clown, a valuable bong, verbose friends, a sarcastic sister, quirky neighbours and a stolen fur.

Here are some excerpts:

  1.  When Ian sees Doris for the first time
  2.   When Ian picks up Doris for their first date
  3.   Pete and Ian discuss statistics about sex


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