THE AGNOSTIC MISSIONARY“:  What if an agnostic came to your door trying to convert you?

THE BEAT GOES ON“:  The story of a popular musical phenomenon that closely resembles the Beatles

DINNER DATE“: A semi-autobiographical story of a first date, exaggerated for the amusement of others

IT“: A story about a man who has an unusual attraction in his basement and no one can figure out what it is.

OSCAR WILDE’S LAST WORDS“:  The witty writer may have planned some clever last words, but the best laid plans go oft awry.

A PRIVATE CONVERSATION“:  A conversation between two men about “private” matters, so private that the men themselves are not identified

THE SYMBOLIC RING” – A story of symbolism gone mad

VIRGINIA WOOLF GOES GOLFING“:  A parody written in the style of Virginia Woolf featuring someone who really does not like her.

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